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Think you’re entitled to your wealth?

Think again.  I heard on the radio today the most straightforward and honest explanation I’ve ever heard from a Liberal Democrat about what they believe.  This is what these people stand for, so watch out, and don’t be shocked when you end up with less under their rule.  This is Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA):


Missourians and Dems, Be Proud

Missourians and Democrats should both be proud of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s behavior toward Mitt Romney.



This’ll be short, sweet, and to the point, because I don’t feel like wasting much time disputing the irrational opinions of Internet polemicists.

I love how East-coast liberals have jumped at the chance to do some Monday-morning quarterbacking on the tragic situation in New Orleans. I firmly believe that none of these people have the slightest idea just how bad the situation is down there, just like I don’t. You can’t get the whole picture by watching television or reading the New York Times. Instead, they believe that the federal government possesses some kind of magic wand, and that they failed to wave it around quickly enough.

Come on, people. This is a catastrophe of biblical proportions. Lots of people are dead, and more will die. It’s going to be an ugly situation for a long time, regardless of how “prepared” the govenment was to deal with it, and regardless of the quality of President Bush’s speeches. The truth is that these partisan hacks are just finding another excuse to demonize the president and his administration because they hate him and everything he stands for. Wouldn’t it be great if they expended this much energy actually doing something to help the people in the gulf states?