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Site Makeover

As you can tell, I’ve undertaken some drastic measures in changing the appearance of this site.  Unfortunately, I suffered a couple hacks recently, which have caused me to take a hard look at hardening the whole web site, and various aspects of WordPress specifically.  The theme I had been using was heavily customized by me, and just became too cumbersome to keep up to date.

For now, I’ve moved to the K2 theme, which I like a lot so far.  It’s certainly much more powerful than a regular WordPress theme, and I’ve had to re-tool some things that were working fine under my old theme.

Your patience is appreciated as things will probably continue to change for a while.  Please let me know if you encounter anything broken!


The facts about the president’s service

The facts about the president’s service.

I heard this article referenced on Hannity & Colmes on Friday, 9/10/2004 by William J. Bennett. He stated that it outlines authoritative facts regarding President Bush’s service in the National Guard during the Vietnam era, and that no one has disputed its veracity. The article is from February, 2004.


By the way, Robert Reich is both obnoxious and short. :)


Censorship of Rush Limbaugh?

See National Review Online: Byron York on Armed Forces Radio on National Review Online.

Armed Forces Radio airs the first hour of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, along with 1200 other programs that local stations within the network can choose from. The purpose of Armed Forces Radio is “to give military men and women a representative sample of the programming they could hear at home.” It seems logical, therefore, that Rush would be included among the 1200 choices, as he has the most popular show in America. Other airings include Dr. Laura, many NPR programs, ESPN Radio, and lots of music.

The following is from the American Forces Network – Europe website:


Why does AFN-Europe air controversial shows?

AFN airs controversial shows because the American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) wants to provide Americans with the same radio and television shows they can see or hear in the United States. If the show is highly rated, AFRTS tries to procure the rights to the show.

Shows such as Tom Joyner, and Rush Limbaugh come to Europe via satellite from AFRTS at March Air Force Reserve Base, Riverside, California. AFRTS negotiates with program suppliers to get the most popular U.S. shows. If AFRTS can