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Zimbra Desktop – Auto Close Download Window

Another tweak for Zimbra Desktop. If you are accustomed to the downloads window auto-closing in Firefox, this is for you. Every time you save an attachment out of ZD, the downloads window stays open by default, which can be annoying.

To change this (steps are for Mac – slight variation on file locations will be required for other platforms):

  1. Shutdown Zimbra Desktop
  2. Open up ~/Library/Zimbra Desktop/profile/user.js
  3. Find the line that says:
    user_pref("prism.shortcut.aboutConfig.enabled", false);

    and change it to:

    user_pref("prism.shortcut.aboutConfig.enabled", true);
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Start Zimbra Desktop
  6. Press <Shift>-F7, which will bring up about:config.
  7. Filter on “download” to find the line that says:

    and double click it to change the false to true.

  8. Press <Shift-F7 to close about:config, and Zimbra Desktop will reload with the changes.