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Think you’re entitled to your wealth?

Think again.  I heard on the radio today the most straightforward and honest explanation I’ve ever heard from a Liberal Democrat about what they believe.  This is what these people stand for, so watch out, and don’t be shocked when you end up with less under their rule.  This is Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA):


Missourians and Dems, Be Proud

Missourians and Democrats should both be proud of Sen. Claire McCaskill’s behavior toward Mitt Romney.


Obama’s Illogical Tax Policy

This one I just don’t get.  Barack Obama said today that he might not rescind President Bush’s tax cuts in light of the current economic slowdown.

That implies that he thinks it would be harmful to the economy to raise taxes on “the wealthy few.”  If it’s a bad idea in an economic downturn, how is it a good idea any other time?  Someone needs to have a talk with the Messiah about logic and contradiction.


Democrats and Our Enemies

Sen. Joseph Lieberman makes far too much sense in an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Meanwhile, the kook lefties at Daily Kos react predictably, using lines like “true diplomacy comes from using the velvet glove.”