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Governor Palin

This pick looks promising – I’m still reading up on her.

In the meantime, my favorite line from National Review Online this morning about Joe Biden:

Real people don’t define “experience” as appearing on unwatched Sunday-morning talk shows every week for 35 years and having been around long enough to have got both the War on Terror and the Cold War wrong.


More on Obama and Biden

Some articles I found that mirror my own thoughts:

Jim Geraghty on Joe Biden vs. Barack Obama on National Review Online

Michael Barone on the unsustainable nature of Obama’s Narrative on National Review Online

Best line from the Weekly Standard Blog: “We’ll get to dust off Joe Biden’s greatest hits, a pleasurable task that will take weeks.”

I love Warren Buffett, but his politics just don’t match up with the pure capitalism that is Berkshire Hathaway.  This quote from a New York Times Magazine article sums up what Obama would do to us:

“If you talk to Warren, he’ll tell you his preference is not to meddle in the economy at all — let the market work, however way it’s going to work, and then just tax the heck out of people at the end and just redistribute it,” Obama said. “That way you’re not impeding efficiency, and you’re achieving equity on the back end.” He continued by saying that he thought there was some merit in Buffett’s argument.

And of course, the Messiah video is just great:


Joe Biden as VP

Joe Biden is actually the pick I was hoping for.  He is actually quite a funny guy, but he often takes it too far.  It’s only a matter of time before he puts his foot in his mouth again, or perhaps even his entire leg.

The idea that 6 terms in the U.S. Senate make him a “foreign policy expert” is really amusing to me.  There’s a big difference between chairing a committee on foreign policy, and being the policy maker and executor of America’s foreign policy.

This goes back to the fact that Senators do not make good presidents.  But then again, that’s just my opinion – I could be wrong.  And yes, I realize that McCain is in the same boat.

My favorite Biden quote (of this presidential campaign) had to do with Rudy Giuliani:

There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb and 9/11.

Here it is on YouTube: