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Important Note:  Yahoo no longer provides the Dow Jones Industrial Average in downloadable format, due to restrictions imposed by Dow Jones.  Therefore, you will not be able to include ^DJI or INDU in your quotes list.  There is currently no workaround.

This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a list of stock quotes in your sidebar (or anywhere you want, really). This should be considered beta software, although I’ve been using it without problems for a while, as you can see in my sidebar. I have a different plugin that allows inline stock quote tooltips – check that out here.

Unzip into your WordPress plugins directory, which should result in a directory called sqsidebar. Enable the StockQuoteSB plugin in the Admin page. Configure the plugin under WordPress Options, Stock Quote Sidebar.

Then, wherever you want the quotes to appear, put in code like the following, depending on what quotes you want:
<?php get_stock_quote(); ?>

You can also override the symbols configured in WordPress options by explicitly calling get_stock_quote with the symbols as parameters:

<?php get_stock_quote("NOVL,PFE,INTC"); ?>

The options allow you to specify the following:

  • Yahoo URLs to use for quotes and charts
  • Chart range (1 day, 5 day, etc)
  • Date and time format
  • Number of randomly selected quotes to display
  • Whether to display the symbol or the company name

A chart is displayed in a tooltip when you mouse-over the day’s change.

As of version 1.2, cURL is used to download quote data.  Accordingly, cURL must be available and enabled in your PHP environment.

Version 1.3 fixes the issue caused by Yahoo changing the URL for stock data downloads. Existing users will need to download version 1.3 or later, and change the URLs in the plugin’s options to NOT include the “http://” portion. For example, enter and NOT

Versions 1.4 and later use a different plugin directory, due to the way the SVN downloads work from

This plugin has been tested with WordPress 1.5 and later.
Please leave feedback or let me know of any problems below.

This is free software, but donations are accepted in the sidebar.

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  • I have been trying to find this plugin again as I’ve used it on two sites before, the link to the download on WordPress is broken and I have not been able to find this plugin.


  • we have used stock quote side bar in our application.charts are not displaying in the sidebar.
    chart url is chaned from “^IXIC” to “^IXIC”.Please check and update the sidebar with new charts

  • We have used your stock quote side bar plugin in our website.
    now it is not available in your website.
    Please let us know it will be available or not

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