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Snapshot of Past Climate Reveals No Ice in Antarctica Millions of Years Ago

Picked this up from the NASA Earth Observatory site.  I can’t wait to see how the Al Gore fanboy croud reacts to this one:

EO News: Snapshot of Past Climate Reveals No Ice in Antarctica Millions of Years Ago – July 28, 2008


Finally, Straight Talk from a Politician

This is priceless: John Boehner calls Immigration Bill a “Piece Of Shit”


Brood XIII

News outlets have been ratcheting up coverage of the scheduled emergence of Brood XIII in Northern Illinois. So far, I have not seen (or heard) any in our area. Apparently this evening (Monday May 21) and tomorrow are the expected times for mass emergence.

It’s pretty interesting that this type of cicada has developed a 17-year lifecycle as a defense against predators. Because 17 is a prime number (as is 13, the other common lifecycle of periodical cicadas), potential predators cannot get in sync with them. Still, it seems sort of pointless to me, as they only live a few weeks once they finally emerge, after all that waiting underground.

I found a cool Google Map where you can pinpoint where you’ve seen these creatures, which might come in handy if you’re hungry. I hear they are delicious.


Immigration Deal Scorecard

Personally, this new deal looks like a terrible idea. What I’ve found particularly interesting is the interesting mix of people from both parties that also don’t like it. As you would expect, most Republican presidential candidates are against the deal, even though President Bush is ostensibly for it. It shocks me a little that many Democrats are coming out against it, although most are not using very strong language.

Here’s a rundown.  You can click the position of each person for the supporting press release or article that I drew the conclusion from.

Republicans Candidate/Person Position
John McCain For
Rudy Giuliani Unknown
Mitt Romney Strongly Against
Newt Gingrich Strongly Against
Tom Tancredo Strongly Against
Democrats Nancy Pelosi Reservations
Harry Reid Reservations
Barack Obama Against in current form
Hillary Clinton Hedging

The folks over at have a lot of information on where the candidates stand, as well.