Brood XIII

News outlets have been ratcheting up coverage of the scheduled emergence of Brood XIII in Northern Illinois. So far, I have not seen (or heard) any in our area. Apparently this evening (Monday May 21) and tomorrow are the expected times for mass emergence.

It’s pretty interesting that this type of cicada has developed a 17-year lifecycle as a defense against predators. Because 17 is a prime number (as is 13, the other common lifecycle of periodical cicadas), potential predators cannot get in sync with them. Still, it seems sort of pointless to me, as they only live a few weeks once they finally emerge, after all that waiting underground.

I found a cool Google Map where you can pinpoint where you’ve seen these creatures, which might come in handy if you’re hungry. I hear they are delicious.


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  • Hi All,

    Sorry, no cicadas to report. But good! I am traveling to Chicago with my family over the weekend and day of June 8-11 to actually witness the cicadas. I have never been to the Windy City but I’m looking forward to the emergence as I was a huge fan of the Brood X group in Washington DC back in 2004 where I live. I vowed to expereince Brood XIII after that last emergence here in DC and figured I’d tie it into a Chi-town visit w/family. I can’t wait!!!


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