Immigration Deal Scorecard

Personally, this new deal looks like a terrible idea. What I’ve found particularly interesting is the interesting mix of people from both parties that also don’t like it. As you would expect, most Republican presidential candidates are against the deal, even though President Bush is ostensibly for it. It shocks me a little that many Democrats are coming out against it, although most are not using very strong language.

Here’s a rundown.  You can click the position of each person for the supporting press release or article that I drew the conclusion from.

Republicans Candidate/Person Position
John McCain For
Rudy Giuliani Unknown
Mitt Romney Strongly Against
Newt Gingrich Strongly Against
Tom Tancredo Strongly Against
Democrats Nancy Pelosi Reservations
Harry Reid Reservations
Barack Obama Against in current form
Hillary Clinton Hedging

The folks over at have a lot of information on where the candidates stand, as well.


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