Monthly Archive for March, 2007

Monty Python in Japan

I received a Monty Python daily tear-off calendar for Christmas, which is quite amusing.  Fun fact from a few days ago:

In February of 1976, Monty Python’s Flying Circus became the highest-rated TV show in Japan.  They re-titled it The Gay Boys Dragon Hour, and followed it with an on-air discussion of the program.

As I’ve mentioned before, Japanese TV:  C’est Magnifique!


BlackBerry Charging in Linux!

The fact that I couldn’t plug my BlackBerry device into a USB port on my laptop running Linux and have it charge really bugged me, and a whole lot of other people. A few weeks ago, I discovered the Barry project, a small part of which is bCharge, which tells the BlackBerry to request the correct power setting on the USB port, avoiding the dreaded message about insufficient power for charging. The latest version adds support for the Pearl and 8800 devices.

I used the openSUSE Build Service to create RPMs for SLED 10 and openSUSE 10.2. They are in my home repository here.