Kudlow’s brilliance strikes again

Larry Kudlow wrote a great piece on National Review Online, and is right on the money, as usual. Unfortunately, it looks like those who engage in class warfare were successful this time around. What were lawmakers thinking when they set up the death tax to go away in 2010, and then come back with a vengeance (i.e. return to original levels) in 2011? As some other commentators have noted, this absurdly means that the optimal year of death is 2010, from a tax perspective.

What a surprise that Republican Senators Linc Chafee and George Voinovich sided with the Democrats in defeating the total repeal (for now).


1 Response to “Kudlow’s brilliance strikes again”

  • The term “class warfare” in its current context was coined by the ultra-conservatives who tend to represent the very wealthy point of view, either because they are already wealthy or believe they will be one day. They have set up a liberal strawman to attack every time they perceive someone/some group is out to deprive them of their wealth. They even hire lobbyists to go to bat for them in Congress. They can afford to do so. Most of us can’t so when we are doubled taxed on our social security benefits, there isn’t much we can do about it. When the richest 1% in the country feel they are being unfairly taxed they can do something about it. It would be nice if there really was class warfare in this country – that might mean the less wealthy might have a chance against the more wealthy. If there ever was class warfare in the country – the middle class and working class lost a long time ago.

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