iTunes and XBOX 360

I recently acquired an XBOX 360, and the first (and only) thing that annoyed me was that I could not use the playlists or ratings from iTunes without somehow transferring them to Windows Media Player on my PC. It was cumbersome, at best. I suppose I can’t expect a Microsoft product to natively work with iTunes, so I was prepared to write an application to sync playlists, ratings, and whatever else from iTunes to WMP.

After searching Google several times and finding nothing, I finally stumbled across Music Bridge. It does exactly what I need, including:

  • Sync playlists
  • Sync album covers
  • Sync ratings
  • Filter syncs based on date
  • Has a GUI and a command-line mode
  • You can sync from iTunes to WMP, or from WMP to iTunes

Perfect! I can now set up a cron job to perform this sync every night, or whatever.
The link above is to, but there is more information here.


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  • I run Windows XP with ITunes, and I encountered the same problem as you. All my songs and stuff are listed through XBox 360, but it would take me days to find each song on some of my ITunes playlists.

    If I run this program, will my playlists from ITunes transfer to WMP so I can have them on XBox 360?

  • Thank you for this post, it is exactly what I was looking for to set up music streaming with my 360 as an iTunes user.

    Damn Microsoft and their closed-ness.


  • I stream my itunes to my 360 with It works great! And its free

  • great link man, thanks alot

  • I realize I’m 2 1/2 years behind on this thread, but it isn’t due to Microsoft’s closed-ness. It’s Apple. They won’t allow Microsoft to make the 360 compatible with their DRM. Microsoft has tried, and Apple refuses to grant a license.

  • Is there any more solutions in the problem posted? I tried already what Andy did but It seems no changes. Hope somebody could help me.

  • Download a free program called tversity into your pc. It will allow you to stream any media from your pc to your 360 without having to change locations. I hope this was helpful.

  • TVersity works for the songs, but not for playlists.

  • TVersity does not make my Itunes music work on the xbox but if you use it with a m4a format changer it makes it easier to find and play things.

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