Monthly Archive for May, 2006

Williams on the Hayden nomination

Jay Williams, one of my favorite political science professors from Loyola, just wrote an op-ed on General Hayden’s nomination to be Director of Central Intelligence.


iTunes and XBOX 360

I recently acquired an XBOX 360, and the first (and only) thing that annoyed me was that I could not use the playlists or ratings from iTunes without somehow transferring them to Windows Media Player on my PC. It was cumbersome, at best. I suppose I can’t expect a Microsoft product to natively work with iTunes, so I was prepared to write an application to sync playlists, ratings, and whatever else from iTunes to WMP.

After searching Google several times and finding nothing, I finally stumbled across Music Bridge. It does exactly what I need, including:

  • Sync playlists
  • Sync album covers
  • Sync ratings
  • Filter syncs based on date
  • Has a GUI and a command-line mode
  • You can sync from iTunes to WMP, or from WMP to iTunes

Perfect! I can now set up a cron job to perform this sync every night, or whatever.
The link above is to, but there is more information here.