Spamhaus & egregious over-broad blacklisting

This is day 12 of not being able to send e-mail to any host that subscribes to the Spamhaus SBL. It seems that their policy is to not only blacklist the IP addresses of known spammers, but also entire ranges belonging to ISPs that host spammers and fail to remediate the situation properly.

In my case, they blocked over 2,000 IP addresses belonging to, including my own. They claim that Comcast has not done enough to remove a certain spammer from their network, so they blocked the whole range. Checking their database, there are also many other Comcast ranges being blocked, probably adding up to thousands more addresses.

Now, I understand the battle against spam, but I have to say that this seems capricious and arbitrary. Spamhaus apparently doesn’t care that they are, in effect, falsely accusing thousands of business customers with this approach. For this reason, I find Spamhaus’ business practices abhorrent.

Having said that, I blame Comcast just as much. This should have been resolved as quickly as possible, certainly within a day or two. But we are now going on 2 weeks, which is inexcusable. I have called Comcast a couple times, and they never have any status information on the problem, or information on when it will be resolved. The only option I get is to switch to another block of IP addresses that may or may not also become blocked by Spamhaus.


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  • I, too, am a victim of the sloppy practices of Spamhaus. My 6 static IPs just happen to be in a /29 block that shows up on the SBL blacklist. I’m getting SICK of the fact that my e-mail isn’t being delivered to ALL of my customers. This e-mail includes order confirmations, shipping confirmations, customer service replies, etc.

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