Monthly Archive for January, 2006

Single issue wing-nuts

Watching the debate and cloture vote prior to Judge Samuel Alito’s now-certain confirmation to the Supreme Court tomorrow, I am once again struck by the extreme left-wing, and it’s zeal over one issue.


Kook Lefties are way out of touch

Every once in a while I look at kook left-wing sites like Daily Kos (I was hesitant to even link to it, but maybe you’ll also get some enjoyment out of it!).


Self-heating coffee

One of my Christmas gifts was a case of self-heating coffee beverages, from a company called OnTech.

Self-heating container

Basically, you pull a cover off the bottom of the cup and press a button that initiates an exothermic reaction, heating the liquid inside in about 5 minutes.


Google Earth menaced by WW2 bomber

This is from The Register.

Bomber in Goog Earth