Monthly Archive for December, 2005

150 gigabits?!?

Chicago’s own Fermilab recently worked with some other labs to break the world network speed record, reaching 150 gigabits per second.

Here’s how fast that is, according to the article: you could download 130 DVDs in one minute!


End of the week reading

A good column from Larry Kudlow on the president’s progress this week from a PR perspective:
Larry Kudlow on the Economy, Iraq, and George W. Bush on NRO Financial

I agree with him that President Bush had a good week – the speech at the Naval Academy was long overdue, as many have said. There was a lot of substance to the speech in terms of the specifics he gave on progress in Iraq, and of course there is even more in the document released by the White House on the same day.

In the days since that speech, I’ve had to kneel down and thank God several times that John F. Kerry is not our Commander-in-Chief. I wonder if his position on Iraq is even clear to him! Several weeks or months ago, he was outraged that not enough troops were in Iraq. Just the other day, he publicly lectured President Bush on the danger of American troop presence pumping up the insurgency. Rush Limbaugh talked about it, and there’s an excerpt here where where he talks about Kerry’s terrible interview on the Today show. There’s an article on that itself has Kerry flip-flopping. Apparently flip-flopping is not just an election year sport for him, but a way of life. Be sure to remember this, you people, when we come to the 2008 election campaign.