Monthly Archive for November, 2005

A Yam is not a Yam

My wife and I were having a discussion this morning about the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes. The bottom line: usually anything you get in the U.S. is a sweet potato, even if they call it a Yam. Check this out if you want a real scientific breakdown.


How to Manage Geeks

Someone recently dredged up this article on How to Manage Geeks, which I had never even seen before. The author is none other than ex-Novell CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt.


What have I been missing? 6.8 Megabits!

I finally took the plunge. After 4 years of being with a fixed-wireless ISP, I decided to switch to cable. The only reason I had hesitated at all was that I obviously need a static IP address to host my own e-mail, web, and other services.

What I ended up with is Comcast Workplace (business class cable internet). I had been paying $50 per month for the wireless, and this is $74.99 per month, but only $54.99 for the first six months. Now, what about a speed comparison?

This is a speed test before the switch. Note that speed tests of the wireless connection were wildly variable. Sometimes I’d get results like this one, and sometimes it would show a couple megabits. Also, the upload channel was consistently faster than the download.

Notwires test

This is a speed test of the Comcast connection:

Comcast test