Monthly Archive for October, 2005

AJ and the Apple Orchard

Last weekend we took AJ to an apple orchard for the first time. AppleHoller is just across the Wisconsin border, in Sturtevant. They have about 25 different kinds of apples growing there, and all kinds of other stuff, including critters like this:

AJ and a curious goat

We picked three bushels, including about a half bushel that AJ had his way with. He had never eaten whole apples before, but it didn’t take him long to figure it out. I think he was a bit overwhelmed by so many to choose from, so he nibbled on several at once.

AJ in a pile of apples

There were three adults there, and we did make one mistake. Keep this formula in mind if you ever take small children to an apple orchard:

n = A - T

where n is the maximum number of bushels, A is the number of adults, and T is the number of toddlers. If you exceed this number, it’s quite difficult to get apples and children back to the car.

AJ crunching an apple


WordPress Plugins

I’ve written the following two WordPress plugins that are now listed on the WordPress Codex:

Stock Quote Tooltip

Stock Quote Sidebar

Give them a try, and let me know how it goes.


Killer presentation on Identity 2.0

An MTV-style introduction to Identity 2.0, indeed. Watch the video here.

I originally found this on evilzenscientist’s blog, and was quite blown away by it. Anyone with an interest in identity-based computing should take a look. Hell, even if you aren’t interested in that – it is still a great presentation style and fun to watch. Not one of those death-by-powerpoint things that lasts for hours.

Only problem is, I wouldn’t be able to get my presentation software to change slides rapidly enough…