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Book Burning is Only the Beginning

Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can’t Index

News from The Onion (always reliable) about “Google Purge.” Pretty funny – they even have a picture of former Novell CEO Eric Schmidt.

In similar news, I keep hearing these ads for Microsoft Student 2006 on the radio. The ad features the voices of a bunch of kids asking their parents for help with homework. The voice-over implies that kids can now get all their answers from MS Student and become much more intelligent, instead of bugging their parents.

I’m wondering how long it’ll be before they cut out the middle-man altogether, and announce Microsoft Parent 2007…


2 Logwatch filters

I wrote two filters for logwatch to provide inclusion of high-level spamassassin and denyhosts statistics.

DenyHosts is an application that inspects syslog and adds hosts to /etc/hosts.deny after a configurable number of failed logins. I started using it exactly a month ago, and it has so far denied 60 hosts that attempted to connect with ssh. The logwatch filter just includes a section in the daily e-mail telling me what it added to the hosts.deny file.

Spamassassin stats are quite simple, but I wanted a quick overview of what the system was doing. It will include a section like this in the logwatch report:

x messages marked as spam
y messages marked clean
z total messages processed
x percent of mail was spam



“A War to Be Proud Of”

Wow – it