Monthly Archive for November, 2004


Probably the most adorable lion I’ve ever seen…


A sigh of relief

It’s almost difficult to return to normal (or nominal) after such a long Presidential campaign. It lasted for two years, after all. I’m not sure what the news channels will do — I suppose we can expect hyper-coverage of the Scott Peterson trial until that ends. Joy.

Some final election thoughts:

I think the election went quite well – as well as it could have with everyone so attentive to possible negative scenarios. The outcome was also convincing and significant enough to avoid a repeat of 2000. Having said that, I also applaud Senator Kerry for his discretion in recognizing his own defeat, and accepting it so graciously. I cannot, however, say the same for Senator Edwards. He still seemed to have his attack-dog hat on, which wasn’t very endearing, to say the least.

The Democrats have a lot of hard times ahead, having failed to unseat President Bush, as well as losing a significant number of seats in the Senate, and some in the House. The biggest blow, however, was the loss of Senate minority leader Tom Daschle. Almost better news than the presidential result, as far as I’m concerned!

I think the prospect of obstructionism in the Senate is significantly reduced now, not only because of the gain of 4 seats, but also because of the departure of Obstructor-in-Chief Daschle. This should make it easier to follow-through on policy and legislative issues, and also may improve the chances of getting judicial appointments through, which is very important.

I am saddened by the word that Attorney-General John Ashcroft may resign. I am not sure why – whether he’s being forced out, or whether he just doesn’t want to continue in the job. I think he’s a good man, and I believe he has been criticized and demonized unfairly by the left-wing, and by the mainstream press.

I also find it interesting that I’ve heard the term “lame-duck” about half a dozen times in the press, referring to President Bush. So, already they’re trying to divert attention from what was really an overwhelming victory, compared to 2000. If there’s one thing that came out of this campaign, it was that the media really showed its cards with respect to political bias. The ratings results for election night showed that Americans recognized it. CBS came in last.


The Popular Vote…it’s over

George W. Bush is currently leading the popular vote by over 3.5 million votes, or 51% to 48% for John Kerry.

Ohio is over, even though some networks still refuse to call it.

Nevada went for Bush, and Iowa and New Mexico look to be heading that way.

That gives us 286 electoral votes for Bush, and 252 for Kerry.

As Democrats still liked to remind us up until November 1st, 2004, Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000, even though it turned out to be a sadly lacking consolation prize. It will be interesting to see if they still think it is important enough, especially with Bush winning over 50%. Not even Bill Clinton did that.