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These gates are the worst invention known to man. If you’re looking for a great way to frustrate yourself, and ruin your walls, etc., I recommend picking one up.


Tenaya Canyon

The Tenaya Canyon in Yosemite – profile view of Half Dome. Taken by my Dad.


The facts about the president’s service

The facts about the president’s service.

I heard this article referenced on Hannity & Colmes on Friday, 9/10/2004 by William J. Bennett. He stated that it outlines authoritative facts regarding President Bush’s service in the National Guard during the Vietnam era, and that no one has disputed its veracity. The article is from February, 2004.


By the way, Robert Reich is both obnoxious and short. :)


Night and Day: Bush, Kerry, and Leadership

I find it absolutely incredible that John Kerry would schedule a speech/rally at midnight last night, just a little while after President Bush finished his acceptance speech at the RNC.

Even more mind-boggling is that he would call the President “unfit to lead the nation,” in addition to criticizing both he and Vice President Dick Cheney for not serving in Vietnam. Kerry: “I will not have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have and who misled America into Iraq.” So, apparently he’s flip-flopped again, and is now against the war in Iraq.

The fact that this happened last night is more evidence in a mounting pile that the wheels are indeed coming off the Kerry campaign.

First of all, President Bush did not question Kerry’s commitment to defend this country. Kerry is acting as if Republicans are engaging in character assassination, when in fact they are simply dissecting his voting record in the Senate – a record he is obviously not proud of. Perhaps the Senator can suggest a better way for the American people to measure his true intentions and convictions, if he wants to make his 20-year voting record off-limits.

The few times Kerry’s Vietnam service was mentioned at all at the RNC, it was to praise his service as admirable, etc., to which delegates actually CHEERED! President Bush didn’t mention Kerry’s Vietnam service in any way, and yet the Senator had to go back to it again last night. One one hand, he engages in legal maneuvering to try and stop the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth from expressing their views, and on the other, the Senator seems completely unable to stop speaking about Vietnam himself. It is quite clear that he and his campaign are in an absolute state of panic after seeing his record carefully examined by almost every speaker (including Zell Miller, quite successfully) at the RNC.

The juxtaposition between President Bush’s positive messages last night on where he wants to take the country in the next four years, and John Kerry’s hearkening back to 4 months in Vietnams that somehow make him more qualified than any other human being to serve as Commander in Chief will undoubtedly resound with many voters.