Monthly Archive for August, 2004

Cleland Asks Bush to Yank Ads

Yet another example of the Democratic spin machine. Why don’t they speak to the real issue, instead of redirecting the blame to President Bush? The so-called web of connections between the Bush campaign and the Swift Boat Veterans is no different than the de-facto web of connections between the Kerry campaign and and Michael Moore. It is horribly disingenuous of the Democrat party to claim otherwise.


Kerry’s Ivory Tower

I find it amazing. There has always been a feeling among veterans that only other veterans have the right to question or criticize aspects of the military, or specific conflicts. Anyone else who does so is instantly labeled a “coward” for not serving their country. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin did this to Dick Cheney.

Now the latest in the Swift Boat Veterans controversy, and I’ll try to boil it down very simply:

1. Kerry’s campaign accuses President Bush of orchestrating the ads, and John Edwards calls on him to “stop these ads.”

2. Yesterday, President Bush said that he thought Kerry “served admirably and he ought to be proud of his record.” When asked if he would renounce the particular ad in question, Bush said, “that means that ad and every other ad. I don’t believe we ought to have 527s. I think they’re bad for the system.”

3. John Edwards then said, “The moment of truth came and went, and the President still couldn’t bring himself to do the right thing.”

Incredible. I find it amazing that John Kerry doesn’t ever address the substance of the ads, but instead runs to the FEC and his legal team to combat the allegations. He accuses Bush of “smear tactics.”

What he fails to recognize is that the Swift Boat Veterans have as much a right to participate in the political process by airing their views as John Kerry himself does. It is downright un-American of Kerry to try to deny them their First Amendment rights.


zRegScan ZENworks Custom Inventory Scanner

I’ve written an open-source workstation inventory scanner plug-in for ZENworks in C#, called zRegScan. It will scan for registry values, as well as printers, then store them in the ZENworks inventory database. I may add more functionality to this, such as scanning for listening TCP ports on the workstation (using only an administrator-defined list of ports, not scanning all ports) and USB devices.

I’m next thinking about writing a plugin using the NAL Authentication Hook to allow for software usage tracking in a database. Lots of customers are asking for this.

The idea is that when someone launches an application, an event would be raised that causes the plugin to write a row to a database table with the application name, date, time, and user. Reports could then be run for usage counts within specified time periods. Not entirely sure of the appropriate data model yet, but I think it’s a good idea.


Sun buying Novell? No way

As a Novell employee, I’ve become more or less accustomed to rumors about other companies purchasing us. Over the years, it’s been IBM, Sun, IBM, IBM, and now Sun again that are supposedly ready to acquire Novell.

Even though Sun has plenty of cash, buying Novell would be an expensive proposition when you look at what Sun thinks about our technology.


“[Sun COO Jonathan] Schwartz said Novell’s non-SuSE products are ‘far less interesting.’”


I don’t see this happening. But, as Dennis Miller says, “Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.”