Monthly Archive for July, 2004

John Kerry – More of the Same

I really did try to watch John Kerry’s speech last night at the DNC with as much objectivity as possible, while at the same time attempting to keep from hurling my dinner all over the living room.

After it was over, I couldn’t help but think he sounded the same as he always does. I don’t know that he really connected with voters the way he needed to. As some of the news pundits mentioned, he spent almost no time talking about his Senate record. It was as if he went from serving in Vietnam, to being a prosecutor, then DIRECTLY to running for President!

His statements on Iraq were vague. Just how does he think he’s going to magically get France, Germany, et. al. to start acting like allies? His “plan” is long on rhetoric, and short on the “plan” part.

Apparently we’re also going to try the Hillary Rodham Clinton approach to health care again. I can’t wait. When are Democrats (especially lawyers like John Edwards) going to realize that the real problem is with the malpractice laws? If they really wanted to control costs, they would do something meaningful in this area.

After he forced other speakers at the convention to limit anti-Bush rhetoric, he definitely turned up the hatred dial a few notches, accusing Bush of misleading America into war, and of mis-using the armed forces.

I found this article that does a nice job of contrasting what John Kerry says with his actual record. No wonder he never talks about his Senate record!