Monthly Archive for May, 2004

Renaming digital camera pics with date

So I’ve had that new Sony DSC-F828 for a little over a week now, and I’m very pleased with it. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures already, and they’ve turned out much better than they would have with the 3.3 MP camera I had before. I’ve blown some of them up to 11×14, and they still look great at that size.

The only slight issue I’ve had is that this camera does not name the files with the date, like my last camera did. It just names them DSC#####.jpg, where ##### is an incrementing number. This makes it a little difficult to manage when you get lots of pictures, particularly if you’re sharing files with someone else who has a camera with the same naming scheme, since you would then potentially have overlapping names. The solution I found this morning works quite well. Rename Master allows you to set up rules to rename any type of file using a number of attributes, including the date of the file, JPEG EXIF tags, and even MP3 tags for MP3s. You can save your settings as scripts, then re-execute the script every time you copy new pictures from the camera. It works great, and it’s free!


Kerry’s Hypocrisy

This guy is a real piece of work: JK “vowed that if elected president, he would ‘never let ideology trump the truth.’” No word on whether indecision would ever trump the truth under a Kerry regime…

Lest anyone forget, Kerry along with all of his colleagues from the Dem party were quite vocal about telling us how dangerous Saddam Hussein was just about one year ago, and for a long time prior to that. Bill Clinton, AlGore, Kerry, you name the Dem, they were extolling the virtues of getting rid of Saddam Hussein and the threat he posed to the rest of the world.

There continue to be sporadic reports that the media is mis-representing what’s happening in the minds of Iraqis, as far as how they feel about Americans being there. There was an Assyrian Christian on one of the political television shows earlier this week, and he said that he was flabbergasted by the coverage of the American media, having just come over from Iraq for a brief visit.

One more thing: How many canisters or artillery shells with Sarin gas or God knows what else do we have to find to make them qualify as “weapons of mass destruction?” As far as I’m concerned, a little dab will do ya. If we had failed to act, and a SINGLE one of these weapons was to fall into the hands of terrorists, and was traced to Saddam Hussein’s regime, Dems would be eating George W. Bush for lunch. No one should doubt that, or forget it when considering the current state of affairs.


Garry Meier out?

Garry Meier out for good?

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that WLS-AM is no longer trying to make a deal with Garry Meier. I hope this isn’t really true. I’ve listened to WLS for years, and the Roe and Garry show is one of the best things I’ve ever heard on the air. Both sides need to come to their senses.


NOVELL: Novell Reports Financial Results for Second Fiscal Quarter 2004

NOVELL: Novell Reports Financial Results for Second Fiscal Quarter 2004. For the quarter, Novell reported revenues of $294 million, compared to revenues of $276 million for the second fiscal quarter 2003. Net income in the second fiscal quarter 2004 was $10 million. After consideration of a $26 million deemed dividend related to the beneficial conversion feature of preferred stock and related preferred stock cash dividends associated with IBM’s investment in Novell, the net loss available to common shareholders was $0.04 loss per share. This compared to a net loss of $29 million, or $0.08 loss per share, for the second fiscal quarter 2003. Apparently this was short of analyst expectations, but our revenues grew year over year, and we were profitable on an operating basis. Due to IBM’s $50 million investment, we had to take a charge that made the results not look as good.